Woodcroft Basketball

South Durham’s Recreational Basketball League for Girls and Boys

Let’s Play Some Ball!

Woodcroft’s season is underway, running from December 2 through February 25th. If you’re registered, you can see everything related to your team, coach, roster, and schedule for all your games and practices in the PlayMetrics app.

League Sponsors!

This year we’ve begun a program of league sponsors. Everyone please proudly support Sheetz, Woodcroft’s first league sponsor!

Would your business like to learn more about becoming a sponsor, too? Reach out via the Contact page!

Want to Join the Team??

Woodcroft is 100% volunteer-run by our amazing, generous team of board members. And we’re looking to grow! As they say, many hands make light work. Do you want to see this league continue, and are you willing to help make that happen? Hit us up via the Contact page, and we can answer any questions you might have. The board does not need to be a huge time commitment, and we have roles in all sorts of different areas we’re looking to fill. Without volunteers like you, this league can’t exist!