Woodcroft Local Basketball Rules 2022 – 2023

Rules for All Ages
  • Sportsmanship is the key!!!
  • All divisions will play by National Federation High School rules when not overridden by a local rule.
  • All games are played with 8-minute quarters. When scheduling allows, teams will receive five minutes to warm up before the game, a five-minute halftime, and one minute between quarters.
  • Every player is required to play at least one half of each game. Coaches should strive to play players equally and avoid sitting any player an entire quarter. During each quarter, the buzzer will sound and the clock will stop during the first dead ball after the four minute mark. Coaches should sub players at this time.
  • Each team has 2 timeouts per half. Unused timeouts do not roll over. 1 additional timeout is given in overtime.
  • In case of a tie at the end of the regulation playing time, one three-minute overtime period will be played. If the game is still tied at the end of the overtime period, it will remain a tie.
  • The clock will run without stopping except for the following:
    • The last two minutes of the game
    • A dead ball close to the 4-minute mid-quarter mark for substitutions
    • Time outs
    • Free throws
    • Referee’s discretion (injury, etc.)
  • Mercy rules:
    • A team leading by 10 or more may not backcourt press
    • A team leading by 20 must stay inside the 3-point arc on defense
    • Repeated violations of these rules may result in a technical foul at the referee’s discretion
    • The scoreboard should be kept on and not reset during a game.
  • A team may play with four players if five are not available. The opposing team may still play with five players. A team may not play with less than four players and will forfeit the game if it does not have four players ten minutes after the scheduled start time of the game or less than four players at any point during the game.
  • If a team is playing with only five players and one fouls out, that player is not eligible to continue. If a team is playing with four players and one fouls out, the team must forfeit the game.
  • In all age groups, the game officials will meet with captains and coaches of both teams at mid-court before every game.
  • Players are required to remove all jewelry before the game. Girls may not wear hard hair clips.
  • A coach may discipline a player for team or conduct infractions, including benching the player for part or all of the game. If a coach determines that a player is to be benched, the opposing coach must be notified. League officials must be notified of any infractions severe enough to require benching or other disciplinary action.
  • This is a recreational league! Every player’s enjoyment and development is the top priority!
Division-Specific Rules:
2nd-5th Grade Divisions (Boys & Girls)
  • In these age groups, a three-point shot will not be used.
  • Free throws will be shot from behind the arc that is inside the lane. (rule does not apply to 4th/5th grade boys)
  • There is no pressing in the back court except for the last two minutes of the game AND the pressing team is not leading by 10 or more points. If this violation occurs, a warning will be given to the defensive player who committed the violation, and the ball will be given to the offensive team out of bounds.
  • These divisions will not use a ten-second limit in bringing the ball into the front court, but the offense must make progress toward the front court (referee’s discretion). Back court violations will be called.
2nd/3rd Grade Divisions Only (Boys & Girls)
  • A defensive player may not attempt to steal the ball while the offensive player is dribbling. He or she may not attempt to steal the ball while the offensive player is holding the ball by slapping at it or tying up the ball unless the ball handler is in the process of giving up possession of the ball by either passing or shooting. This rule does not apply when the offensive player is in his or her key/paint. If the defensive player commits a stealing violation, the ball will be given to the offensive team out of bounds.
10th-12th Grade Boys
  • Referees and scorekeepers reserve the power to make adjustments as needed to ensure safe, efficient, and enjoyable play. Any adjustments made will be promptly communicated to representatives of both teams.
  • The clock stops at every whistle per high school rules.
  • In order to monitor respectful and sportsmanlike play, behavior technical fouls may be issued to individual players at referee discretion. The 1st behavior technical will result in ejection from the game. The 2nd will result in ejection from that game and the next game. A 3rd behavior technical for any individual player will result in ejection for the remainder of the season. A player’s ability to return to Woodcroft Athletics the following year will be determined by division staff in cooperation with the WAA Board. These rules do not apply to technical fouls issued based on play.
  • Teams in the 10th-12th grade division do not have coaches. Players will be selected at the beginning of the season to serve as team captains. All players are expected to act with mature, sportsmanlike conduct throughout the season.
  • Teams receive a total of 3 timeouts per game. Extra timeouts are not awarded for overtime play.
  • Overtime periods will be played at 2 minutes per period, unless otherwise determined by referees due to time constraints. The number of overtime periods allowed will be dependent on available time. Games will not run over the allotted time slot for additional overtime periods.
Ball Sizes and Goal Height
2nd/3rd Grade Boys & Girls
  • 8’ goals
  • Size 5, Junior/Youth, 27.5” ball
4th/5th Grade Boys & 4th-8th Girls
  • 10’ goals
  • Size 6, Women’s, 28.5” ball
6th Grade and Up Boys
  • 10’ goals
  • Size 7, Men’s, 29.5” ball