Where We Play

Prior to last season’s cancelled season, Woodcroft Basketball has had a decades long, fantastic relationship with Durham Public Schools, and used a number of their gyms for our league. Due to county policies put in place as a result of the COVID pandemic, DPS gym rentals for this winter season are not an option.

Don’t fret, though! We’ve made great connections with other local schools, and this season we’re thrilled to be partnered with Durham Academy and Triangle Day School. DA has three gyms we’ll be making use of, and TDS one, so we’re expecting to be able to accommodate the same divisions as in recent seasons.

We could potentially add another site, but at the moment, all events will be at one of these schools. Can’t wait to see your kids out on their courts!

Triangle Day School: 4911 Neal Road, Durham

Durham Academy (Upper School, Kirby Gym): 3130 Pickett Rd, DurhamWhere Do I Park?

Durham Academy (Middle School): 3116 Academy Rd, Durham

Durham Academy (Lower School): 3501 Ridge Rd, DurhamWhere Do I Park?

Jewish Community Center (JCC): 1937 W Cornwallis Rd, Durham