What is the COVID / Masking policy for the league?

Safety of players, referees, coaches, and spectators is paramount.

In short, we currently expect all players and spectators will be required to wear a mask.

Additionally, the league will AT ALL TIMES follow all applicable guidelines which include local health department guidelines and any facility specific guidelines.

If the pandemic remains as severe as it is now, it’s highly likely precautions will include masking requirements for all, and may include a limitation on number of spectators at events.

How can I volunteer as a coach?

All coaches are volunteers.

If you are interested in volunteering as a coach or assistant coach please check the box on your child’s application during registration

Also, feel free to communicate your interest in coaching via the contact us form.

What is the Season Schedule?

The league will run a modified schedule in the 2021/22 season.

The Season is planned to start Saturday, December 4th, and end Sunday, February 27th. Teams will meet most Saturdays and Sundays with practices primarily in December and games primarily in January and February.

The league may need to adjust this plan to align with availability of courts and facilities.

How can I join the board? 

Woodcroft Sports is operated and overseen by an all volunteer board.

The board is responsible for scheduling and team rosters, equipment, securing field space, refs and umpires, uniforms, — in short, all the workings of the league.

The board is currently made up of men and women, most of whom have children playing in the league. As our children age out we need new members. The board meets (currently virtually) about 6-7 times a year on Sunday evenings at 7-8PM and there is no financial commitment on your part. Current and past board members will be available to train and assist you in transition. If you would like to join the board please communicate your interest and contact us

Do I have to live in the Woodcroft neighborhood or be a Durham resident to play? 

No. Woodcroft Basketball is open to all.

My child just graduated high school.  Can they still play?


When should I register? 

As soon as possible after registration for that season opens.

Due to limited playing facilities, registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Woodcroft reserves the right to refuse any application received after the registration deadline, any incomplete application, or any application received after the division (age group) is filled—even if it is received before the deadline. 

While Woodcroft Basketball works very hard to accommodate all requests (and we have a terrific success rate), we cannot guarantee team, practice/game times, or specific coach requests.

What happens if I register late? 

Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. We are no longer doing any paper registration forms. It is all online.

If your child is not added to a team your money will be refunded.